How I Added 5,000 plus Followers on Twitter in Two Months

First of all I am not promoting any automated giddy gadget and this will not cost you one red cent.  This post is straight up as to how I added 5,000 plus followers on Twitter in two months.

I wrote a post last month about how I had started to build my Twitter followers list from a paltry 200 to 300 followers using @ALLTOP for locating quality tweeple to follow.  You can read the previous post here:
How to Get Targeted Quality Followers on Twitter

added 5000 followers twitter

Well I still do that because is a directory of high quality websites in all fields of interest and once your site is accepted into their directory they grab your RSS feed and keep updating every time you post.  They do not accept everyone but if you want good ranking and to see your site improving with more subscribers you should submit to ALLTOP if you think you have what it takes.  They are looking for a few good Blogs.  Because an actual human being goes out and verifies each website for content quality you can be assured that these sites are the best in their field.  So find their Twitter name, follow them, retweet some of their posts and then most important, follow their followers.

So lately I am using another well known resource to find things to tweet about.  I use StumbleUpon regularly to find things that interest me and then I copy the title of an article from the Stumbled website and paste it into the Twitter message box, go back and make a tinyURL from the address line and copy that in to Twitter and there you have it.  You have just tweeted something of interest to your followers and very often many of them will retweet that post to their followers and suddenly you will have new tweeple following you.  Not to mention that you often get a thank you from the original article poster when they get a message that you tweeted about them.

Now how to break through some of the Twitter built in stumbling blocks.  Twitter likes to see your twitter messages as being of value.  Following the above they will be.  Then they do not want to see automated programs trying to game the system, though many of these do work you stand the chance of doing one wrong move and suddenly you will be banned.  Not worth the chance to me, so I use manual tried and true methods.

I usually follow anywhere from 50 to 200 new tweeps a day, selected with care from other followers lists.  If they are using the default image I usually do not follow them, not that I am elite or anything it is just that they are not likely to be a sophisticated Twitter user yet.  If they do not bother to upload an image than I usually pass them by unless I know them.

By selecting your followers manually you can avoid “some” of the spammers and porn idiots.  If you use an automated follower tool they will be in your list and then your followers might be apt to place you in the ranks of the crappy tweeples and you do not want that.

When you get up near 2,000 followers you want to go in and drop your list of people that you are following down below your followers count.  That way Twitter will not hold you back from going beyond 2,000.

Once you have over 2,000 and less than 4,000 followers you will do best to keep the ratio of following to followers to about + 10% or less.  Then once you are over 4,000 it seems as though Twitter will let you follow as many as you want every day, but I still keep to my 50 to 200 and my list just keep growing and growing.  I am now over 5,500 and many of them come in organically on their own.

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I’m Rich

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17 Responses to “How I Added 5,000 plus Followers on Twitter in Two Months”

  • SEO designer:

    Thanks for the tips, I just did a submission for my blog at ALLTOP. Never heard of them, but will now spread the word.

  • rich:

    That is excellent. Thanks for telling us and I hope you get accepted. I only have one Blog out of over a hundred that they accepted and it is in the green category. I manage the site for my friend Cato. Thanks for the comment. Rich

  • Nevin:

    I think, in the modern society, few companies could afford to go without proper online stratety. Branding and being on top of search engines are actually tied up these days. That’s why new social network such as Twitter and Facebook could grow at dramatic speed today.

  • Sky:

    It is very informative. Thanks for sharing it. I’m new to the blogging business and looking forwards to learning how to conduct marketing research on different social media like Twitter. What you’ve offered in your post is very helpful. I’d love to learn more about this topic. I’ve bookmarked your blog. Looking forwards for your new posts. Keep working.


    You obviously put a lot of work into that post and its very interesting to see the thought process that you went through to come up with those conclusion. Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts. I must admit that I think you nailed it on this one. I’m new to the blogging business. I’d love to learn more about this topic. I’ve bookmarked your blog. Looking forwards for your new posts.

  • rich:

    Sky, We will be having more to say about Twitter and other social sites. Thanks for commenting. Rich

  • rich:

    sssbbb Thanks for the vote of confidence. Rich

  • rich:

    Nevin, We agree there. all companies need a social presence on several social sites. Its all about branding and connections. Thanks for the comment. rich

  • Teen Blogger:

    Nice Post. I actually had a account and made the basic mistake by adding everyone who I didn’t know. Beleive it or not but I added 2000 people in like a few days. Very soon after that I noticed that almost everything on my twitter account where spammers. It became very annoying. So I created a new account and have started again, ony this time I choose carefully and wisely who I like to follow. Also do you get a lot of traffic from Twitter, as I find it very diffcult to get traffic from Twitter?

  • oes tsetnoc:

    twitter and other socials site are becoming more and more important these days.

  • Arafat Hossain Piyada:

    Well I don’t know what exact work for me. I just follow some basic. I thanks when someone retweet my article. I retweet whatever I read. I have a strong network of blogger who write quality content, so my followers never complain on my retweet habit. And now I have over 4000 followers. :)

  • admin:

    Excellent. All good points and these are probably more beneficial in helping each other. Thanks for the comment. Rich

  • ZXT:

    Excellent tips. I will try to do that and hopefully my I can break the 200 before xmas. Just inc ase anyone is intersted my Twitter name is zxxxt. I’m sure to follow back if anyone follows me.

  • admin:

    Sure, once you break that 200 the next platesu will be at 2,000. When you approach those two milestones it will be good to have more followers than following, then after that it does not matter much. I love your website. I hope they locked the doors during the dance in that store. It would be a good time to walk out with a 32″ plasma. LOL. Rich

  • Sport Supplements:

    I have spent quite some time to eventually stumble on your blog post about this topic. Great work.

  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles hire:

    nice tips on twitter.

  • aleena:

    so usefull tips for twitter

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