Free Contest – Win Prizes – No Purchase Necessary

Hello everyone. Welcome to the first contest that I have ever run here on

This is very easy. There is no purchase necessary to win one of the prizes.

I was going to run this contest to the end of the year but that would be in the Holiday season and too much to deal with. So we will run this contest for 30 days from today, December 8th.

The goal here is to increase traffic which should help improve the Alexa score on Linkmoney. The other thing is that I lost all of my several years worth of RSS and Email subscribers when feedburner was sold to Google, so I would love to have a bunch of new subscribers.  I wrote about Alexa in a previous post here: I Want to Increase My Alexa Ranking.

So I will list certain things that you can do to help this site with and I will award points that will be equivalent to the number of chances that you will have in the final drawing of winners. Let me assure you that this will all be fair and square and on the up and up.

You may enter the contest as many times during the month as you wish as long as you perform the required actions and they are new actions then you will be awarded more points.

The Point System:

10 Points will be awarded for each of you that click on the Alexa widget over on the right, go to Alexa and login and leave a five star rating with a good comment for this site,

1 Point for each quality comment on this Blog, either on this post or any of the article posts. Multiple post comments equal multiple single points for each article comment. Keep it real folks, make the comment meaningful to the subject and no simple answers like “nice post”. I will be the sole judge of the quality of the article comment and there will be no negotiation.

1 Point will be awarded for each RSS subscriber. I will see the counts but you will have to notify me as to the fact that you did subscribe to RSS.

5 points awarded to each new Email subscriber of this Blog. I am not going to bombard you with upsells from this contest.  All you will receive at this time is the confirmation message you get back from your subscription.  I may at some time in the future make some Email offerings to subscribers but I can guarantee you this, if I do decide to send out private offers in the future they will be something that I think will benefit you and would be of good value. I have never dealt in any crap offerings and never will. Of course you will always be able to opt out in the future if you never want to hear from me again.

1 Point shall be given for those of you who follow me on Twitter. My Twitter user name is “@linkmoneydotorg”.  If you are already following me just let me know and you will receive the point.

5 Points awarded for tweeting about this contest. You may copy and use the following exact tweet, or you may use your own:

Contest on now at  Free Contest, Win prizes, No purchase necessary.

You will earn multiple points by tweeting once per week about this contest. Please no more than that as it would be too hard to account for and I would not want you to get in trouble with the Twitter police with a repeat post penalty. I know one very well known blogger that just lost his whole Twitter account and had to start all over because of some automatic retweeting that caught the eye of the Tweepolice.

Under the posts on this Blog you will see a bunch of sort of grayed out icons for various social network sites. You are welcome to use any of them at any time on any or all of the articles on this website. However in addition to the above mentioned Twitter Points you will be awarded points in the four additional socials, DIGG, StumbleUpon, Delicious and SpicyPage only.

2 Points awarded for a DIGG of this contest post.

2 Points awarded for a StumbleUpon post about this contest.

2 Points awarded for a Delicious post about this contest.

2 Points will be awarded for a vote on which is the box on the right that says “vote for my site” and has a great big red number in it.  To vote you just have to click on the word “vote” and go to SpicyPage and follow directions.  You might want to consider adding this to your site also.

20 Points awarded for a post about this contest on your own Blog. You may write as much as you want about the contest but to qualify for points it “MUST” include this html anchor text sentence:

Free contest, win prizes, no purchase necessary at the <a href=>Blogging Make Money</a> Blog,

You will have to notify me in a Blog comment, or by using the contact form, or I might require you to contact me by email to make sure you receive the proper point count.   Some items I will be notified of or they will be self evident. However it will be up to you to let me know that you actually complied with a points entry.

The following bonus points have to do with two of the advertised products on this site, BlogSuccess and GoogleSniper. BlogSuccess is a group of expert bloggers that is run by Jack Humphrey of Friday Traffic Report fame. It has helped me greatly and I have networked with some of the other members to great benefit. There is a free trial period if you want to check it out for a while before you join.  I wrote a previous post about BlogSuccess here: Make Maximum Money by Promoting and Running a High Traffic Blog!

GoogleSniper is a hugely popular internet marketing program run by a young man named George Brown who went from being a furniture mover earning pitiful wages to one of the full fledged internet moguls earning over $15,000 per month with a niche blogging plan that he developed. I wrote about this in a previous post here: Is Google Sniper the Real Deal?

Please note this disclaimer: I do not expect you to earn anywhere near as much as the claims that George Brown makes for GoogleSniper.  If you do become a member of either program after having clicked through from this website, and if they do credit this site with the membership subscription, then I will earn money as a commission for the sale. That goes for any product that I offer for sale on this website.

In compliance with the recent FTC ruling if I am ever sent products for review on this website I will likely receive them for free and if I write a review it will be of my own personal judgment and not just a puff review because the vendor sent a free copy. I will call it like I see it and if it is crap I will tell you so. Vendors be on notice. Do not send bad products for review or you will get bad publicity from me.

Now as to points for these two products.

50 points will be awarded in this contest on your account in the event that you have previously joined either program, BlogSuccess or GoogleSniper from this website, you must verify your receipt with me to earn these extra points.

50 points will be awarded in this contest on your account for joining either of these two programs, BlogSuccess or GoogleSniper, during the 30 day period of this contest. You must verify your receipt with me to earn these extra points.

Please do not join these programs just to win points for this contest. That would be idiotic. Check them out and if it looks like they are something that you would be interested in then by all means do join. I am confident that you will benefit from either program, but you should be your own judge of that.

The Prizes for the Linkmoney Contest:

So what do you win? Well for starters I am personally donating the following:

First Prize! – A one-time prepaid membership for the GoogleSniper program and $200 cash payable to you via your PayPal account. You must have a PayPal account.  Prizes recently added: 1 copy of nicheadsensethemes, 1 copy of firstebooknow, 1 copy of nichenav, all 3 from Mark Mason.  1 Copy of WP EASYBAY plugin, 1 hour of WordPress consulting time from JT Pratt.

Second Prize! $100 cash payable to you via your PayPal account. You must have a PayPal account.  Prizes recently added:  1 copy of nicheadsensethemes, 1 copy of firstebooknow, 1 copy of nichenav, all 3 from Mark Mason.  1 Copy of WP EASYBAY plugin, 1 hour of WordPress consulting time from JT Pratt.

Third Prize! – $50 cash payable to you via your PayPal account. You must have a PayPal account.  Prizes recently added:  1 Copy of WP EASYBAY plugin from JT Pratt.

Now to some of you contest aficionados these prizes might seem lame I know, but as I said I have never run a contest before and none of these prizes have been donated. Well we have 30 days and if any of you vendors hear about this contest and do want to donate any prizes in return for the exposure you are welcome to make donations that will be used as give away prizes in this contest. The cutoff date for additional prizes to be donated will be December 1st.  Note:  See the bottom of this article, more prizes HAVE been DONATED!

Come back and visit this post from time to time because I will be adding additional details as the situation might call for and I may possibly be increasing the existing prize awards or might be adding additional prizes for more places than just 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.

This contest will end at 23:59 EST, Tuesday, December 8th, 2009. Contest winners will be announced on December 9th.

The Judges’ decision [that’s me] is final in all matters and will not be negotiable.

Get those entries in here boys and girls.

Update: 11/08/09 – Mark Mason of has just donated two copies each of the following products; NicheAdsenseThemes, FirstEbookNow, and NicheNav.  I will give more particulars on this later, and will decide on how they will be distributed.  Looks like we might have some more prizes coming also, will let you know later.  Thanks Mark, Rich

Update: 11/08/09 11:30,
JT Pratt of has just donated 3 copies of his new eBay plugin for WordPress, WP EASY BAY.  JT is also donating 2 hours of consulting, in his words: “I’ll also donate 2 hours of my time as a WordPress Consultant value), which can be used for upgrades, security, SEO, theme work, etc.” ($100 These will be added to the winners list of prizes, more details later. Thanks JT.  Rich

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77 Responses to “Free Contest – Win Prizes – No Purchase Necessary”

  • akira07:

    Quite busy on these 2-3 days. If i have free time, will make more entry especially blog post :)

  • krissy knox:

    Hi, just found you. Thanks for a great contest, as the prizes are cool and valuable! Here are my points to date (although meager, LOL!): following you on twitter = 1 point commented on a post = 1 point if you count the comment on this post = 1 point total = 3 points if this is not correct please let me know! thanks! :)

  • admin:

    Hi Krissy, Like they say, it only takes one ticket to win, but it is easy to get more points so go for it. Thanks for entering. Rich Hill

  • admin:

    Got em. Thanks. Rich

  • jejeiya:

    subsribe email as +5 Follow You as remix123 +2 n tweet it here digg as blacktea +2 blogged about your contest on my blogs: +20 total point 29 thank u so much

  • admin:

    jejaiya nice going. If you can fix the title of your blog post to my website name of “” instead of that would be real nice. Thanks very much for your help and good luck in the contest. Rich

  • Jenn:

    Count me in! Here’s everything I did: Subscribed via email Followed you on twitter – @littlemissjhen Tweet the contest – Dug the contest post – angelicdoll Blogged the contest –

  • admin:

    You are in. Thanks. Rich

  • Lucifer:

    Tweeted Again Today Here :

  • admin:

    OK, Thanks Rich

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  • Arafat Hossain Piyada:

    Hi, I hope you counting retweets and comments. When I visit today I saw all past month comment count gone, I think the widget refresh in each month so I hope you have the past number. I think it’s my 8th time in comment section and I already tweeted this article 4 times. I really looking forward to winning this contest. Lets see what happen!

  • admin:

    Yes I am counting all the comments, no problem. CommentLUV plugin does reset at the end of each month, but I have them all anyway. Thanks for asking and good luck. Rich

  • akira07:

    Admin, i find my previous commnent is not shown. Is it need to be moderated since i place a lot of link? Thanks :D

  • admin:

    Akira, I see one that you posted on 11/28 but there have been no others. I always approve every comment unless there is something very spammy and I do not remember seeing anything like that on this contest. I hate to ask you to repost but if you did perform more point features I did not receive a comment stating that. Rich

  • akira07:

    Ok, maybe it’s my browser problem. I’m sorry. Actually, i’m already try 2 times but it’s same : Since i can’t post entry here, i’m already sent it via contact form. Hope you receive it :) Thanks…!!!

  • admin:

    OK, I have it in the contact form. You are all set. Rich

  • Çizgi film izle:

    Thanks for entering the contest.

  • admin:

    You are entered in the contest. Thank you. Rich

  • Ben Lang:

    Amazing contest! I wrote an Alexa review, tweeted this post, followed you, left a comment, subscribed to rss Thanks!

  • admin:

    Hey Ben, thanks for your help getting the word out. Only a few more days until the lucky winners are announced. Good luck. Rich

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  • kayu oyunlar?:

    Thanks for entering the contest

  • caillou izle:

    very useful article thanks

  • kayu:

    Thanks for entering the contest.

  • unhappy:

    You are just another website that bullshits offering prizes you never plan to give just like the other bogus sweepstakes.

  • admin:

    Color me happy that you took the time to blow off steam. I have absolutely no idea what you are referring to thoguh. Have a better day. Rich

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