Google Slaps JC Penny for Keyword Stuffing Links

Google Slap black hat seo

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J.C, Penny gets punished in Google search for creating thousands of backlinks that are stuffed with home furnishings products keyword anchor text.

Be careful with your links. If you use link wheels or anything that is even close to black hat or grey hat SEO.

Read the latest news on this Google slap story.

Why You Should Avoid Black Hat SEO Link Schemes At All Costs

Anybody with a serious interest in the practice of search engine optimization knows by now that there are proper (white hat) and improper (black hat) ways to optimize …

Publish Date: 02/14/2011 12:00

So by all means if you do not want a Google slap used white hat SEO.

Here is a great video that shows how to use Google Webmaster Tools and if you follow these instructions you will not get in trouble.

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21 Responses to “Google Slaps JC Penny for Keyword Stuffing Links”

  • JTPratt:

    JC Penney didn’t get in trouble because of using keyword laden anchor text, they got in trouble for buying paid links on irrelevant web sites that had little or no content. Also, I’m curious to know why you mention a “link wheel” as being grey or black hat. There’s really nothing wrong with that as long as you’re not buying links.

  • admin:

    Hi John, True, but just as a wheel goes around, the times they are a changin’. Matt Cutts has said on his youtube videos that they are looking for any schemes that try to game the bots. Myself, no more link wheels, but if others want to that is okay with me. Thanks for commenting. Rich

  • eric:

    Interesting… I often have wondered about all these link building services and such… figure that google has to have a way to put a bead on them as “bad neighborhood” sites… When I do a link I try to explain what it is, but now I am afraid I am using too many words? Should I use comic diary… or just web comic instead of everything? example below Eric VanSingel creates a daily comic diary, comics created on the ipad, digital artwork, rants, reviews, and advice on his website He makes most of his paintings and comics these days digitally on the iPad. ?

  • admin:

    Hey Eric, I bet you know the answer to your question already. Normally I never accept internal comment links but this is just too eloquent and creative to ignore. Good show and best of luck to you. Rich

  • danny:

    @jtpratt Thats crazy! i cant believe that they needed to go down that road for paid links or even the keyword stuffing if its the case, they should have more sense being a huge brand name that it is, they deserve whatever they get. Danny

  • keyword removed:

    Google has very strict policy on link building, as millions of sites are doing seo for getting high keyword results. for keeping the best search results for users, google is now acting smart on unethical links or black hat techniques to be avoided in serp’s results

  • keyword removed:

    Danny, I think, a self-made SEO-guru convinced them to do that.

  • Brian @ GuideToStart:

    Its getting so confusing with all of the google rules. Building traffic and SEO is something that seems to be so complicated. Luckily for companies with large enough brands, they can at lease quickly turn around their bad habits and google often forgives them. Not so quick for the little guys..

  • Insanur rahaman:

    Google webmaster tools is difficult to me. I feel very uneasy with Google webmaster.

  • Dan:

    With all the resource they have, why did they think they needed to resort to black hat methods? Some guys just don’t know how good they have it.

  • Max Polanski:

    Nice find Eric. Hard to believe that such a big company got google slapped. I alway thought that big companies had alliances where they would help each other make as much money as possible. Guess google plays fair.

  • Dentist Adelaide:

    So what have we learnt today boys and girls??? Dont use black hat tactics it gets you nowhere fast you may take 1 step forward at first but get ready to then take 10 steps back, it honestly baffles me why people resort to blackhat tactics and then cry about google sandboxing them!!! What do you expect.

  • Dan:

    “Don’t buy links”, everyone says. I get contacted at least 5 times per day by people who want to buy links from my sites. I watch these folks and their results and they never get penalized.

  • david @ spindle repair:

    Google does not run the internet, i don’t know why everyone keeps trying to accommodate them. Their search results after the last update are terrible, I can not even seem to get any related information from them.

  • Classier Corn:

    Hi, Interesting article! Thanks for the tips. Keep up the good work. Best Regards

  • admin:

    David you are absolutely correct that Google does not “run” the internet, but they absolutely do dominate search, and that is why everyone bows down to them. Do it “their” way or forget about being in business on the web.

  • admin:

    Everyone buys links. What do they call Google’s Adwords advertising if it is not buying links?

  • admin:

    Now that is the way to have a comment approved. thanks for your input.

  • admin:

    Who ever said that Google plays fair? It is just that they are the only game in town and they make the rules.

  • admin:

    Good comment Brian. Thaks for your input.

  • Techpraveen:

    Hearing for the first time about “Google Slap”. Google Organic traffic is the only way to drive more visitors to our blog :)

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