How to Search all Craigslist Cities at Once

search all craigslist cities at once

Search All Craigslist Cities at Once

Search All Craigslist Cities at Once

Want to search all Craigslist cities at once? It is easy, just follow directions below.  No tool needed.  This is free! is set up so as to keep the buyers and the sellers in close proximity to each other in order to facilitate one on one connections, and to lessen the chances of fraud.  If you are selling or buying something you must log in with the city that you reside in or are that you are interested in.

They do not want you to be dealing with people in remote locations as there is no way to determine trust.  There is no voting system like on Ebay where you earn a trust score, so Craigslist wants to keep it local.

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A new way to search all Craigslist Cities at Once:

Now there is a way to: “Search all Craigslist Cities at Once”, using a specific Google search.

There are many specific websites that have been set up to allow you to search multiple Craigslist listings all at one time.  These tools no doubt work and the entrepreneurs that built those website tools are to be commended.

However it is very easy to do and requires no special online tool.  You already have just what you need and it is called Google.

All you have to do to search all Craigslist cities at once, is to enter the following in your Google search box: [keyword]

Make sure there is no space between site: and craigslist, and make sure there is a space between: and the keyword.  You also can use part numbers or use boolean searches, or use quotes to narrow things down.

Then once you find what you are looking for you should contact the buyer or seller and explain that you do not live locally and make your fair and honest offering.

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Thank you very much.

Have fun.

Rich Hill

Here is a free video on how to make an image ad for Craigslist.  With this method you could post it to the city of your choice and there is no way that they can tell it is the same ad, because they will only see it as a photo.  Pretty cool.

ps: UPDATE !!! – There is now a website that you can use that is also free to search all Craigslist cites at once, and it is called

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Now you have all the best methods on how to search all Craigslist cites at once, so go forth and make money on Craigslist.

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20 Responses to “How to Search all Craigslist Cities at Once”

  • Burr grinders:

    I really like using Craigslist Search Engine. This site allows you to search anything on craigslist by city, State and Nation Wide, it’s a free web site and best of all there is nothing to download. just go and search. Way cool. Five Thumbs Up.

  • admin:

    Oh sure, nothing against the craigslist own search form, but it is limited to search by specific city only. The method described in this article searches “ALL” cities at the same time. It is very handy for obscure items or search by part number sort of thing. Thanks for the comment. Rich

  • SEO Keyword Ranking:

    I wonder why Craiglist is so against change? It seems that it would be easy enough for them to allow you to search all cities instead of relying on Google to do it.

  • admin:

    Craigslist is the dinosaur in your browser. it’s their game and if anyone doesn’t like it, they pretty much say, get lost. I suspect their answer is that they force people to deal local, but there are many ways to get around their limitations so I just don’t worry about it. Thanks for commenting. Rich

  • Indiansafaries:

    Thanks for let us know how to search world cities in once by google special using tools thanks dude!

  • admin:

    You are welcome. Please retweet this post and let your friends know about it. Thanks. Rich

  • John Paul Aguiar:

    Great tip.. Craigslist has so much benefit if you can deal with all their changes

  • admin:

    Thanks. This method is very handy for when you are looking for an unusual item that just might not be offered in your area.

  • Search all craigslist city listings at one time | marketing infowrangler:

    [...] Or you can just search Craigslist by using Google search directly, as explained nicely by [...]

  • Mike:

    Rich: I posted a link to your post on my blog article about Craigslist searches: Several of the Craigslist search options I featured use Google custom search, others use Craigslist search directly.

  • admin:

    Hi Mike, Hey thanks a lot. I’m in the middle of 10 things at once but will check your site out later and see what I can do for you. All the best. Rich

  • Alex Krasner:

    Thanks for the post, i was looking for this information

  • bill:

    Rich: Or you can just use which uses all of Google’s search parameters dedicated to searching all of craigslist. The site does the work for you.

  • admin:

    Oh man that is killer. Thanks for the url had never heard of it beofre. All the best. Rich

  • used tires:

    Thanks, I’ve been addicted to Craigslist for a loooong time now – it’s one of the first places I check for anything that I want to buy or sell, and I’ve created quite a few other Craigslist Addicts within my circle of friends and family. :) Till then, Jean

  • selling textbooks:

    That is really cool. I didn’t even realize you could do that. I never even knew why that wasn’t possible, thanks for the explanation.

  • Search All Craigslist Ads:

    Hi You need to post your ad for selling text books, on Craigslist, which is easy to finish up to task early, as Craigslist is highly traffic visitors search engine, and moreover the ads which you post are quite free. Just try it once, you can come to know the power of Craigslist!

  • Search All Craigslist:

    Yes….I too have operated such wonderful tools like websites which narrows and refines and searches all Craigslist sites at once and finished my stuff easily. Such tools are awesome!

  • Yuk Siwinski:

    There’s only one boss. The client. And he can fire everybody in the company in the chairman on down, by simply spending his money some other place. Only a monopolist could study a company and ruin it by providing away products.

  • admin:

    The customer may not always be right, but he is always the customer! Thanks for the comment.

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