I Am Unsubscribing From All Make Money Online Mail Lists


Its All About Backlinks

I’ve had enough.  There is not one single more “BEST money making idea in the universe that I need.

When you receive between 400 and 600 emails a day and 90% of them are automated email responders that you have opted into at the time of purchase of a WSO or some such fantastic offer that you can not refuse, it is time to regroup.

Mixed in with all the bull crap offers, most of which I never read and just tick them for mass delete, I might miss something really important from someone I care greatly about.  Oh sure, there are a few marketers that I admire and trust and their emails will be welcome as always.  Jon, Eric, Jack, Jeremy, Mark, and maybe a handful more will be read with great interest as always.  The rest of you can go suck putty balls.

If I get one more offer for retiring on the billions of dollars that I will make by publishing shit on the Kindle, I think my head will explode!  Jason is a carnival barker that giggles all the time he is fast talking his way through a webinar.  I refused to buy anything from him about a year ago.

The problem is that these guys network themselves into a cartel of shit spreaders so if you unsubscribe from one list the same band of thieves slide their crap under the door or, over the transom under the guise of your new best friend.  I’ve had it.  Enough!

Take a look at the dozens of most recent offers that you have received lately and see if you can instantly understand what the product is that they are selling.  If you are not able to instantly know what the product is, then guess what?  YOU are the product!

OK, so sour grapes you say.  Well maybe so.  I am sure that it has something to do with the fact that I have never felt confident enough to use an autoresponder.  I do not understand them.  I own some, am still paying on an AWEBER account every month that I never was able to get working.  One of these idiot companies talks to you in monkey speak.

Every guru circle, webinar, conference, email responder, etc. that I have ever responded to that had asked what else would I like to know?  I would always answer with “I need help in how to operate an email responder EXACTLY”.  Never, not one of them, ever responded with any semblance of an answer to my request with any kind of  help.

So here is what I do with internet marketing.  I write.  I publish hundreds of websites, all, each and every one of them with totally excellent content.  I then throw myself to the search engines and tell them how great my content is, and hope that over time I will get enough traffic that someone will actually want to buy some of my offers.

It is not exactly easy.  But I do make a living at it and my unusual niches actually surprise me sometimes.  Adsense dribbles in from time to time, which is a bonus, but do not ever count on Google helping you to make hundreds of thousands of dollars with Adsense.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Once they see you making some semblance of serious money, they slide you down in ranking.

Write good stuff.  Build backlinks, hundreds, thousands, millions of backlinks.  I never met a backlink I didn’t like.  Use social media, fiverr, the Warrior Forum, and then build some more backlinks.  Wait seven years like I have and then you will start to make some money.  Oh and those hundreds of thousands of backlinks that you built to your money sites five or six years ago, well they are gone.  Start all over again.  Internet Marketing is all about BACKLINKS.  I don’t give a crap what anyone tells you.  No links equals no money.

Have a nice day…

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3 Responses to “I Am Unsubscribing From All Make Money Online Mail Lists”

  • computer repairs birmingham:

    Hi I agree over the last few years I have been getting hundreds of these emails with links to videos for these push button programmes. They never really show how they work or what you really get for your money.They all seem to work with each other to promote their products in turn aharing the commissions arround as they promote each other.Also the stories for the products are all the same that it has been built by an underground group who do not want it to get out. Surely they are breaking the law with that claim. What do you think ? Barry

  • Savina@ADollarAMinuteOnline:

    I’ve subscribed to many of the money making sites same as you, some are blogging, creating ebooks, etc. It’s gonna be quite annoying. Sometimes I don’t read them at all. And you are right about backlinks. Better do something whitehat, slowly and gradually, hope I don’t have to wait for 7 years to earn my first dime lol

  • admin:

    Very true. See my most recnt post.

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