Increasing Your Traffic

increasing your traffic

The path to increasing your traffic is a simple formula. All you need is great content in a desired niche, high quality links that expose your site to the surfers of the web and be providing a product or information that is in demand. Each of these must be working together for the maximum positive effect to occur.

Increasing Your Traffic with Great Content

The great content is about one of the easiest components in this formula to acquire. For most webmasters, this is accomplished by hiring a content or article writer to provide the accurate and compelling content so the visitors to your site react the way the webmasters prefer them to. This can be by inspiring an impulse purchase, joining a membership site or just informing the public on the topic of interest to your visitors.

The choice of your niche is very important. For many webmasters, they attempt to pick a hot topic that is popular but they will also have a great deal of competition. This does work, just as long as you establish yourself as an expert on the topic. If you are constantly jumping around on the focus point of the website, then your SERP’s will suffer along with your following.

By establishing your website on a topic or niche over an extended period of time, the search engines will reward you with higher rankings in the SERP’s. This is just one of the many factors the search engines look at when comparing websites. Another is the loading time which has significantly hurt many sites that have placed an extensive flash presentation on the home page.

When deciding if your flash presentation is worth having on your home page, take into consideration what your visitors will be thinking. As a website owner, you only have 1 to 3 seconds to intrigue your visitors into exploring your site. No matter how impressive your flash presentation is.  If it is not instantaneous, most visitors will automatically move on without ever knowing what your website is all about.

Increasing your traffic with backlinks

The linking of most sites is now being outsourced to third world virtual assistants. This is done because of their low cost to do this tedious work. The establishing of links can be done with software, but not for the better and higher quality links. As an example of how many links are necessary to obtain a high ranking is the Yahoo site. They have nearly 1.5 million links to their site and only rank #3 in America. Google is number 1 with over 3.2 million links.

This website at regularly reviews and reports on various link building tools and services.  When we do this you may be assured that we have purchased the product and tested it ourselves and would only recommend something that is proven to work well.  When it comes to serious backlinks, the ones that have the highest value imho, you will do well to find other authority blogs in your niche and establish a relationship with the owner.

Increasing your traffic with guest posts

You can get the blog owners attention by commenting on their blog posts, linking to them from your various sites, and then offering to write a guest post.  Guest posts, on topic, in your niche, will provide very high quality backlinks to your site.

For you to be constantly increasing your traffic for your website, it will take work along with wise decisions in many different aspects of your website. To be a success on the internet, persistence, great content and backlinks is the key to increasing your traffic.

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2 Responses to “Increasing Your Traffic”

  • Robert Williams:

    I really agree with these 3 methods of increasing traffic. But how about Social Media traffic, what is your opinion to that?

  • admin:

    Hi Robert, Well I really agree with you about Socials. Google changes their mind every time they turn around, but they have stated that they are looking real hard now at sites that get a ton of social activity, believing that these links and discussion would be natural and organic. Lord knows that every mmo guy is trying to scam the system right now and doing all kinds of crazy social stuff. The stalwarts like YouTube, facebook, twitter and the regulars will always help your site to get more visitors directly, and if it helps in the serps, so much the better. Thanks for the comment. Oh, don’t forget Google +, (what was I thinking.) LOL Rich

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