You Say Your Site is Running Slow Bunkie?

Your site is running slow and this is a problem. You probably all know that one of the metrics in the latest Google iteration of search engine rankings, is how long does it take for your website or blog to open and be fully functional?

If your site is running slow, well then there is the possibility that the Big G will just go on to the next site and you get butkas for a speed load rating. This is not a good thing.

Many good sites around that will tell you how to tweak your site, speed up your image and media loads and many other ways to improve site loading.

We recommend using hubspot’s free tool at: to test your site and even compare it against the competition and to receive a free report offering ways to improve your site.

What I want to tell you about is something that I have been experimenting with and am absolutely positive that it works, is free, takes no time and anyone can do it.

If you have niche sites that seem to be set up correctly, but for whatever reason, they only get say 10 or fewer visits per day, you will no doubt be scratching your head as to how to get them to load faster so that they will have a better serps value.

It’s a Catch 22 isn’t it?

Well in some cases the problem is your hosting company and I have tested it many times and proven that this method works. I suspect that if your site gets only a few visits per day, then the hosting company looks down their nose at you and they park your domain on an old piece of crap server that is slower than molasses in January.

I can just see it now, they keep a few old 286 or 386 XT computers over in the corner for idiots like us , who dare to try to enter into the SEO / SEM business. OK, that might be an exaggeration, but guaranteed this is going on at some level.

Here is what I do to overcome this problem. I set my browser start page to the slow running site. Now you will see this very obvious slow loading happening for a day or two or three, but soon you will notice that it is starting to open a little faster.

I believe that the hosting companies monitor this traffic and server load constantly and either manually or automatically move domains around on various servers dependent upon the amount of traffic the site is receiving.

Now I run four computers here most all the time. My main machine is a Windows box, have two laptops running Windows, and an old desktop running linux. Most all of them have two or three different browsers, like firefox, IE and Chrome. See where I am going here?

Set each browser to startup on a different one of your slower websites and soon you will be seeing much faster loads and hopefully improved attention from you know who.

Another benefit is that apparently Alexa does not keep track of IP addresses because over a week or two you will start to see your Alexa numbers drop. This is a good thing!
Go ahead, give it a try, the price is right.

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12 Responses to “You Say Your Site is Running Slow Bunkie?”

  • Mack Peter:

    I think this is the common problem everyone facing right now. I would definitely use “websitegrader” to get the analysis report of my site. Thanks a lot for this helpful article.

  • gry dla dzieci:

    Thanks a lot for this article, this post helped me, becouse my site runned slow, na everything is ok:) Thanks a lot to much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greetings from Poland

  • admin:

    @Mack Peter WebsiteGrader is an awesome free toll. Thanks for letting us hear from you. Rich

  • admin:

    @gry dla dzieci Hello to our friends in Poland. Everything is ok is just what we like to hear. Thanks for leaving a comment. Rich

  • sell textbooks:

    This is a great free tool. Thanks for the info.

  • Money now:

    Well it’s quite important for your site to load faster especially if you have a site outside Alexa top 1 Million like my site. I have installed the Worpdress Quick Cache Plugin. This plugin reloads your webpages before hand and just load the static page for viewing purposes.

  • Douglas:

    Rich, Nice post with good information again. I noticed you call them the Big G. Thier name is almost a cuse word with the way they play with thier ranking systems and cause sites traffic. I have found your advice to be sound in the past and will look at the reference in this article. Keep posting and keep the attitude. Douglas

  • admin:

    Hey thanks Douglas. One thing I have is attitude. LOL

  • sell textbooks:

    I agree with you Douglas. Google has given all of us a great many headaches. It is almost annoying how much control they have and ow they are. I used to have a lot of stuff in Google docs and everything then got worried about all their ebooks and what they had access to. Not that I am some guru or have anything they want but maybe one day I will. I think they are becoming too big sometimes.

  • Surfer Man:

    I will have to try this tool out thanks for posting this

  • admin:

    Hey surfer Man, Glad you like the post. we love to share. Don’t stay away so long. Rich

  • Rent Textbooks:

    This information is really important! It really affected us when they made the change. Thankful we noticed and were able to recover our rank with high traffic keywords.

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